How To Fix The AC Light Blinks 3 Times?

Did your air conditioner light is blinking, don’t worry it is because of the problem in your system. It is most likely the from level is low. In this condition, turn the switch off the circuit breaker of your A/C unit wait for few seconds, then switch it ON again.

In this article, learn how to fix the AC light blinks 3 times and get running your vehicle.

How To Fix The AC Light Blinks 3 Times?

Are you having an aircon light blinking problem? Having an air-conditioner in the home is very essential similarly in the car. Especially in or near the hot or humid regions. The air conditioning may consume high energy and can be at a high cost. It is important to keep up A/C unit cleaned and serviced to prolong its life and to avoid overworking it and it should be maintained.

When a unit is overworked, it tends to require more energy to operate, which of course translates to higher electricity bills.

When her blinking light problem occurs, your air conditioning system often shuts off too, meaning warm air is blown. For this, you can switch off the air conditioner.

Reasons Why The AC Light Blinks Then Turns Off?

Does the A/C light blink and shut off? It sounds like your car might require air conditioning service. In this case, the A/C light blinks your the A/C system is not working properly. Learn more about, how to fix the AC light blinks 3 times.

1. Low Refrigerant

If the air coming out of your vent is so hot or warm when you need cool air, then in this condition there may not be enough refrigerant in the system to keep it working right and also, simply need the system checked for the major leaks and then recharge with fresh refrigerant.

All the automatic A/C systems leak a little bit of refrigerant over time, and often they have to be recharged. Anyways, if your A/C system develops. A more significant leak can cause your AC system to stop working.

Even if you add refrigerant to the system it will quickly leak out again.

That’s why we will first begin this process by pressure testing the system to find any leaks and patch them before we refill the system. Then, we will fix the A/C with a new refrigerant with the correct type, according to the manufacturer spec. To keep your car air conditioning, working well, this is a service you may need to perform every few years.

2. A/C Compressor Failed

If the flow of refrigerant isn’t blocked as it moves through the system, but the air conditioning in your car still isn’t working right, refrigerant might not be moving through the system at all. That could be due to a bad A/C compressor. This is the component that actually pushes the refrigerant along. It’s typically driven in a twisty drive belt under the hood, which can stretch out and wear over time. The compressor can also stop working because of a damaged pulley or damaged bearings. To solve this, problem, you have to install a new A/C compressor in your vehicle.

3. Blockage In The A/C System

The air conditioning system draws heat out of the cabin and blows cool air through the vents by pushing a refrigerant gas through the system, it’s compressed into a liquid and then allowed to expand back into a gas. This state change is what ultimately keeps your car comfortable on hot, muggy days.

Over time, if a blockage develops in the system, it could restrict the flow of this refrigerant and the A/C can form in the air conditioning lines, in the condenser or the evaporator. You will want to have a technician take a close look at your car’s A/C system with special tools so that we can pinpoint the blockage and restore your car’s air conditioning to its ideal performance.

4. Clogged Cabin Air Filter

If you want your A/C to work properly, it is so simple as cleaning or replacing your car’s cabin air filter. This filter helps to keep your car’s HVAC system from harmful fumes and debris like leaves, and bugs.

If more and more debris stayed in your filter, it may restrict your air flows from the system. This can lead to the airflow coming from your climate vents being weak and your A/C system may start to underperform. We will be able to replace your car’s cabin air filter with a new, clean one to see if that restores proper airflow for your car’s air conditioner.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace an A/C Compressor In The Car?

For auto A/C hose repair and replacement about $500. In which the A/C compressor clutch repair and replacement costs between $200 and $750. Anywhere from $170 to $730 for minor A/C compressor repairs. For the major A/C compressor problem anywhere from $1000 to $4000. Somewhere between $100 and $140 for a car A/C recharge.

How To Reset An A/C Compressor?

If your car’s air conditioning system starts to underperform just restart the A/C compressor. Here are some steps to restart,

  1. Turn ‘ON’ the control on the thermostat to ‘off’.
  2. Located the breaker for the air conditioning and heating circuits on the main circuit breaker box.
  3. Pull the heating and air conditioning circuit breakers to the ‘OFF’ position.


So here are some final thoughts, AC Light blinks 3 times is a common problem and the most probable cause is your A/C magnetic clutch relate. The relay shorts out and disables the air conditioner entirely. To locate this open the hood and remove the fuse box cover near the battery.

Car care is important and car air conditioning is something that people take for granted. Whenever you diagnose symptoms of your car A/C compressor failing, it is best to opt for a replacement. Air Green Car A/C compressor and Delphi Car A/C compressor are the most popular options that are proven to last long.

We hope that your doubts are cleared by this article. If your doubts persist, you can put your comment below in the comment section.

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