How To Fix A Broken Glove Box Hinge?

Today car is very convenient to use from other like bikes where you do not try to demand a lot of space to carry many things. And I know there are many vehicles according to utility. But what I am talking about is a car that is a multipurpose vehicle. With cars, all the necessary uses are possible from time to time in our daily life.

A glove box is present in the car to secure some paperwork like car paper or any other necessary paper which is always present with you. It is easy in the car to carry and it’s safe. We do not worry about being left anywhere or in the house. If there is a case like you traveling with very important paper or any other thing. It is very easy to carry in a glove box. It is very helpful when you left your car alone for some time. you feel free to move anywhere because your glove box has a lock mechanism also. it is not visible who passed nearby your car. But what if the lock mechanism stops working or hinges getting broked. suppose it happens in the middle of the journey. Then, in that case, you have to know about how to fix a broken glove box hinge.

How To Fix A Broken Glove Box Hinge?

Broken glove box hinge? Worrying how to keep safe personal and important Stuff? Don’t worry. Here is your solution for how to fix a broken glove box hinge. The hinges are important for the glovebox to keep using because it keeps locking the glovebox in one place and also provides a motion in a particular manner.

And if it is broken in some cases, it can be repairable and in most cases replaces. Its totally depending upon your glovebox material, if it is sturdy then you can repair it easily with a lot of remedies or counter solution. 

1. Quick Glue

If you do not have any tool or you are on a journey and in the middle, its hinges broked out. Then you have found quick glue and apply to fix temporarily and applying glue use it very gently because it is not a permanent fix. It is just for your convenience till complete a journey and after that, you are easy to fix it by own self or by any mechanic at the shop.

2. Make A Hinge

Secondly, you have to do that take piece of metal and bend it to make a hinge-like structure. That method is easy to do and very cheap. This method saves you to spend more money in replacing your glovebox. Also, it is a permanent fix. Yes, it is complex to do because you have to make a hinge with proper dimension but in other ways, it is cheap and convenient and That is all you have to do.

And if the hinges are broken then there are the possibilities to adjust to lock and make it useful. But if your lock is broke out then you have not access the glovebox properly. Because the glovebox always assembles the lock upside and drops down to open so if your lock is working then in that case glovebox becomes useless.  

How Does The Lock Mechanism Work?

Your glove box is working on a “latch and catch” mechanism. The door of your glove box has the latch part and on another side, we have a catch hinge. And when you interrupted the handle that attached with the latch and lock is opened and now you are free to retract the glove box door. And its defaults set at the unlocked position and or we can say free to move. Not all gloveboxes have a key lock in your glovebox. Those are additionally added to the glovebox locks to provide more security. That restricts you to access to glovebox without keys.

What If Glovebox Lock Stops Working?

If there is any problem with your glovebox that it stop locking or is stuck in lock condition. 

1. Lock Won’t Close

 This condition becomes because your latch is not properly blocked catch. Maybe you are overstocking your glovebox that causes your latch to slip over your catch. Because some of the plastic has shearing property also that cause the slipping of lock. 

2. Lock Won’t Open

This happens because the key doesn’t communicate with the lock cylinder. A cylinder is present in the lock that transfers or we can say communicate with keys to unlock/lock the glovebox. Maybe a possibility that your latch handle does not operate by cylinder because of continuous motion again and again.

Is Your Glovebox is Safe?

It is not much safe, yes it has a lock but it can not withstand across forces. It is a little bit secure by two-step lock one is crowbar latch and with keys. You can easily open your glovebox with any pointed tool or any other.

Like Screwdriver that is very common and easy to pull off the lock of your glovebox.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace?

So, if you are replacing your glovebox then before buying it you must have some prize idea.  The normal glovebox comes in the budget one and is made of plastic comes around below 50USD. While stainless steel and aluminum one cost around you 50 to 60 USD. And it increasing with the increase of built-in features.

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These are the main cause that generally harms your car suspension system, and that is only controlled by the proper maintenance and scheduled services because “Regular Maintenance is the only Key”. These situations are very common these days and day by day the consumption is increasing exponentially and there is the possibility of manufacturing defects, so it is mandatory to always be punctual with service logs of vehicles. This helps you to keep far from the unusual situations because it is too low cost than repairing any part or replacement of that part and that makes you a good consumer and a good Driver.

After reading the whole article I hope you get your solution for how to fix a broken glove box hinge. 

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