My Car Door Locks Keep Clicking, What To Do?

When your door is under some defect then it is not a good sign to be in the car. There are some defects in your car door. For example, there is any rattling noise from the door or the door doesn’t lock properly which means your door actuator is defective. It is very harmful to your ride and also if there is any child in your car. You have to visit the mechanic or any autobody part shop to fix it. And suppose you are at the place where the availability of the mechanic is then you have to know how to fix the door if car door locks keep clicking.

Doors in the car are important not because it just looks nice and enhances the car’s beauty but also because it prevents you from an accident. The door is the best invention for the passengers. It reduces the effort to get into the car because if you notice in some performance and high endurance cars for safety purposes. They use the metal structural wall in place of doors. In that case, getting into the car is a very hard task. So it makes it easy to get into the car too and also works as a wall to prevent the impact. 

Why Do Car Door Locks Keep Clicking?

So if your car door locks keep clicking, then there is a problem with the switch or door lock actuators. And require some electrical inspection to signify the problem. But some other things also restrict the actuators to lock the door. The causes for the malfunctioning and this is very common these days because everything is implemented through the electronics. Those are mentioned below.

1. Broken Lock Actuator

The actuator is converting the mechanical work that we give into the electric form. In short, it reads the electrical signal and works in the mechanical form. The actuator has several wires and gears that are worn down with down. Some it wears down quickly because of using too many times in a day or it does not give the proper maintenance when it gives some erratic during working.

2. Blown Electrical Fuse

In an electric unit of the car, there is a lot s of wire-like our home. there is also a fuse wire in the circuit to prevent the appliance or all the sensors that we use to perform other functions.

A blown fuse stops the whole circuit to work and even stops the lock mechanism. Then you must replace it because without replacing leads you to give damage to the whole electric circuit of the car. 

3. Broken Wires

without wires the electric circuit is nothing. There are a lot of wires in your car to give the functioning to your car And whereas the broken wire stops your lock mechanism to work.

4. Damage Solenoid

A solenoid is working the same as the actuators but working on the principle of the electromagnet. That has the latch of the lock mechanism from it we can pin the latch in the lock mechanism. we can easily lock and unlock the vehicle.

And if your solenoid is broken or damaged then it stops your lock mechanism to work.

5. Damage Key Fob

All the circuit for the door lock mechanism is controlled by your loc keck fab and sometimes its battery is drawn or we can say it is very little to operate and the operation may be gets hanged. maybe does not work. Also, if there is any damage to their circuit so the proper communication is interrupted.

5. Weather

We all are seeing weather is different in different places and if there is too much icer and it is bad for to operate door lock mechanism.

How To Fix If Your Car Door Locks Keep Clicking?

 If your car door locks keep clicking and do not lock or unlock properly. To fix you have followed some basic steps that are given below.

  1. Look at your door lock actuator carefully so that it will not be broken. And if yes you have replaced it. That is easily available at the autobody parts shop.
  2.  Check your electrical fuse. That is also blown sometimes. Look at it if there is any blackness or if there is a thin wire illuminating from inside the fuse body. So, it will not be broken.
  3. Look at the wires also because sometimes wires are broken out and the whole circuit went off.
  4. Also, keep charging your key fob up to 100% to operate well your door lock mechanism.
  5. In cold weather, your door lock actuator is frozen out and it did not work. So, you have used an anti-de-icer to get it in operating condition.  

How Much Does It Cost?

In the door mechanism, there is a very little part in the lock assembly to operate your lock for your car door. And it works on the electricals repairment is not possible in that condition. So, you have to replace those parts if damaged. 

So, for the replacement of the parts and we are considering the whole assembly it cost you around in the dealership 80 to 180USD, and there is a labor cost is needed to add. But if doing it at aftermarket then it will cost you around 50 to 120 USD. 


I hope that after reading the whole article you get to know about why these door locks are failing to perform the mechanism and how to fix it also failing of ponents is the reareasonhind car door locks keep clicking.

These are the main cause that generally harms your car suspension system. And that is only controlled by the proper maintenance and scheduled services. it also helps you more to maintain the vehicle properly and you also get the proper assistance from there.

These situations are very common these days and day by day the consumption is increasing exponentially and there is the possibility of manufacturing defects, so it is mandatory to always be punctual with the service logs of vehicles. This helps you to keep far from the unusual situations because it is too low cost than repairing any part or replacement of that part and that makes you a good consumer.

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