Why Your Car Door Won’t Close Easily?

A very common issue in a car is generally that your car’s door is not functioning properly, either it doesn’t close easily or not closing properly. Both of these situations may create a terrible situation. Let’s say for instance you are in a rush to reach your office, and after your park your car, you closed your door and you noticed that it is not closing you try again and again, but it’s not closing at all. After a lot of hard work and wasted time you finally closed the door, and reach your office and see you are late, your boss sends you back home.

On the way back you are driving and all of a sudden your car door opens up while driving what damage can happen you can easily imagine some car running next to you that may come and knock the door off of your car. And what if, your car closes easily but not properly you may invite some thief who will definitely steal your possessions. All these scenarios are as bad as they sound. So, to avoid these events you need to understand why your car door won’t close easily and how do you fix your car’s door if it is damaged already.

How Does Your Car’s Door Work?

The main component in your car’s door working is the latching mechanism. The latching mechanism is located inside your door’s assembly, which helps engage a door anchor attached to your car’s body to keep the door closed. The handle releases the latch from the anchor, which allows the door to open. Other parts include the door assembly itself, door hinges, door latch cables, electrical actuators, and switches and locks to lock and unlock the door.

So in case of lock as soon as you hit the button on the door the lock moves a rod on the inside of the door and the other end of the rod gets connected to your main locking mechanism that is either an electronic sensor or a set of magnets having a reversible switch. Nowadays car comes with a manual key operation or automatic sensors in some cases. So, whenever the machine is in the unlocked position the internal mechanism releases the rod and the door opens but the mechanism engages and prevents the door from opening whenever your car is locked.

Why Your Car Door Won’t Close Easily?

Let’s understand what is causing your car’s door to not close easily or work properly.

1. If The Door Handles Are Damaged

Door handles are present on both sides of your car door that is they are located inside as well as outside the car door. A jammed door handle will leave your door stuck in an open position only. The open position condition happens when you pull on the inside the handles either extend a metal rod or pull a cable which disengages the door latch from the anchor. Door handles are complicated and very difficult to replace on your own you must call a mechanic who is well experienced to replace your door’s handles.

2. Your Door Anchor Is Faulty

The Door Anchor allows the resistance point to move up and down the door to change the angle of resistance allowing for total body exercises. A damaged door anchor is going to prevent your door from closing. You may yourself try to fix your door anchor since it is just in fact an error in adjustment only.

3. The Door Hinges Are The Problem

If there is a problem in the alignment of your car’s door that is if your door is hanging downwards or the space between the door and the fender is not evenly distributed, the most likely damage that has happened to your door is wearing out of the door hinges. Door hinges can wear out due to certain damage that happened to your car during some accident or by general overuse.

4. Latch Mechanism Issues Are There

The latch mechanism allows your door to open and close easily, if your latch is stuck or got rusted or if it was by chance close while the door was in open mechanism, these all issues can lead to further damage to your car’s door and won’t let it open and close properly.

5. There Are Electronics Fault

Any electronic damage can happen due to short-circuiting in your power door lock motor or lock switch and now no current is flowing to it so it remains in the position that was before short-circuiting. For example, if it was in a mechanically open position before the damage happened it will remain in that open door position only and will keep a door away from closing.

6. Cold Weather Is Playing The Role

Our mother nature plays a vital role in everything, similarly, at low temperature, your door lock can get freeze and won’t allow your door to open or close easily. Same case with moisture that can cause your door lock to stuck in the same position whether it is open or close.

How To Repair Your Car’s Door?

The following measures are there that you can use to repair the door of your car if it is not closing properly:

  • If the Door anchor is out of adjustment what you may do is try to loosen the anchor retaining bolts and slightly move the anchor 1/16 inches at a time up-down and in-out. Then see if after retightening the door closes.
  • If your door hinge or handles is damaged you must leave it to your automobile shop to deal with since the doors are really heavy and can hurt you in a dangerous manner if any mishappening happens during the repair process.

  • The electronic errors can be repaired on your own just take a look at the fuses and try slapping the door with your hand near the switch and latch assembly to free up a stuck door lock motor. If there is nothing happening after this then call an electrical technician which will help you out with this situation.
  • If it is your latch mechanism causing this problem try spraying some oil on the latch mechanism if you are having WSD-40 try spilling some of that too and wait for a minute or a few then remove any dirt and debris and try closing the door again.
  • At low temperature, your lock freezes the simple trick is to spray your lock with a deicer or WD-40. In case you are not carrying these with you try spraying the key with your hand sanitizer, the alcohol in it will melt the ice inside the lock.


So, to protect yourself from robbery or some mishappenings you must fix your Car’s door. Now you know why your car door won’t close easily and how you can repair it on your own. Also, you know in which cases you should not take any risk and take your car to a repair shop.

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