What Makes Your Car Speaker Not Working On One Side?

The most annoying thing you can experience is when you can not hear a song from both sides of your ear. All of us have gone through some bad earphones which make us go crazy as the sound we hear on the right side is not the same as it is on the left or vice-versa. It ruins the hearing experience for you and the audibility of the sound also reduces to an extent.

But what if this happens to our car speaker, you are going on a trip with your friends and you press on the button to play some music on full volume. And you realize that the sound is not high enough, you want the music to go higher but unfortunately, the sound is only coming from one side. So no matter what you do the volume cannot go louder. Also, it would be a bit annoying if it is only coming from a single side. In such a situation, if you don,t want to hear booing from your friends and don’t want your trip to be spoiled, here are some reasons that why your car’s speaker is not working on one side and how do you deal with that issue and fix the car’s speaker.

What Happened To Your Car’s Speakers?

Over time it is intended that your car speaker may wear out or break. Especially when it the speakers which are not good quality and that’s the one which comes generally inbuilt with the cars. The original speakers that come with the car are generally low-quality speakers and therefore are not very durable.

But if it’s only one side of your car’s speaker that is not working properly then it is wrong to assume that the quality of the speaker is the cause of this issue. Several other parts that connect the car to the speaker may be causing your car’s speaker to not work properly.

Diagnosing The Issue

There may be several components  in the car that may be responsible for your car’s speaker not working on one side let’s test every component one by one:

1. Testing For Speaker Problems

To begin with, you should turn off the vehicle and the car’s stereo system before you disconnect the wires connecting the speakers and the amplifiers.

  1. Connect the speaker that does not work to the amplifier output of the one that works.
  2. Switch on the stereo and make sure the balance is in the middle position.
  3. If the speaker doesn’t work then there’s a problem that is lying anywhere between the speaker and the amplifier. A damaged speaker or loosened wires may be the problem in such a case.
  4. But if the speaker does work then the problem is not with the speaker, in this case, you need to turn off the stereo system and test other components.

2. Problem Inside The Door Panels

The car’s speakers are attached inside the door panels and there is a possibility that the wires in between the door and the door frame are causing the issue.

  1. The wiring harness that is sealed with the hard rubber sheaths for protection breaks as time passes by, due to the repetitive opening and closing of the doors.
  2. The wires lack continuity that is they break somewhere in between the passage, then that is causing the problem.
  3. Though the wiring harnesses are normally sealed with hard rubber sheaths for protection, they tend to break over time. That’s mainly due to repeated stress when closing and opening the doors.

3. Testing For Amplifier Problems

To check whether or not the amplifier is the problem for the speaker not working on one side these are the following procedures to perform:

  1. Put each speaker to its own channel for example the right speaker to the right channel and the left to the left one.
  2. The vehicle stereo should be switched off at the time of connecting the wires.
  3. As soon as the speaker wiring is back to its original configuration, remove RCA cables from the amplifier and switch them,
  4. If the speaker that wasn’t working still doesn’t work and the working one works still then you can suspect the problem is with the amplifier.
  5. If the speaker starts working after the switch then this indicated that there is a problem between your amplifier and the speaker and not the amplifier itself.

4. Test For The Heading Unit

The first step before testing the heading unit is to verify that your head unit is not in an anti-theft mode which requires a vehicle radio code, now you can start the test.

  1. Take out the head unit from your dashboard and get access to the RCA cables.
  2. Unplug the cables from the unit and be careful not to disconnect any other wires.
  3. Take the cable of the working speaker and plug it with the channel of the not working one.
  4. If the speaker works then the problem is not in the head unit but in the cables that are connecting the head unit with the intermediate component or the amplifier.
  5. But if it doesn’t work after plugging it then your head unit has a problem.

What To Do If The Car Speaker Not Working On One Side?

After diagnosing the problem using the testing procedure given above you may do necessary steps according to the problem, such as replacing the speaker if the speaker is the problematic factor, or getting your amplifier repaired if the amplifier is causing the car speaker to not work. These fixes will also work when the front car speakers are not working.

But it is only advisable if you have some prior skills in working with technical components. If you are not comfortable doing so, then it is better to ask a technician to do that for you.


Now, to wrap up it is clear that what you would do if your car speaker not working on one side. The steps to diagnose such issues are mentioned in this article. And how to fix your car speaker is also mentioned above.

If you are still facing some issues related to this topic, comment your question down below. We will try to answer as soon as possible.


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