What To Do If Car Vent Selector Not Working? [4 Fixes]

I remember when I was travelling with my family and suddenly the car vent selector not working. Just imagine how it feels if the car vent selector stopped working in such a cold. It was still cold but in summer it will be no less than a nightmare. If you do not want to do this experience, and if you have, then it should not happen again then all you have to do is to opt for any one of the few solutions given below, which you find easy and your problem will be solved.

Reasons Why Your Car Vent Selector Not Working? 

Before knowing the solution, you should also know why this happens. These are some reasons why you’re suffering from this issue.

1. Jammed Issue

This is the most ordinary problem you will face with your car. Usually, the selector jammed one area from dust and waste

2. Vacuum Line Issue

Sometimes, a vacuum line creates this problem. The vacuum line does not connect with a good selection valve, which raises a problem. Also, it will happen due to broken or incorrect cables. Temperature control doors and air vents are always closed, which creates this situation.

Additionally, If the vent is constantly blowing on the front vents and windscreen only when you press the selector button. This indicates that it has a problem with the vacuum line and maybe a break in the line.

3. Mode Actuator Issue

The mode actuator controls the air intake system of the car. This principle indicates where the air comes from and determines where the air comes from.

In the event of any error in mode, you will notice that it is stuck in one place and cannot change location. In this case, the vent selector will not work

4. Fan Selector Issue

Another reason why your car’s vent selector has a problem is that sometimes the fan speed selector works but the air selector acts as a temperature selector. Sometimes it will work well, and sometimes we will hold on to the place, and you need to cut it out. fan to replace it. In addition, you can feel the wind blowing hard, but the air is very bad.

4 Easy Fixes For These Issues

Here you’ll learn some simple solutions for the car vent selector, which I spoke of above.

1. Solution For Jammed Issue

Yes, a simple solution to clean a car crash. In most cases, it will solve the problem. Next time, To avoid this problem, you can use a cabin filter to prevent such troublesome issues.

2. Solution For Vacuum Line Issue

If it is a connection problem only, simply reconnect the valve with a shut-off line, which will solve the problem.

But, You will be in trouble if the cable breaks. To do this, you need to replace the cord and insert a new one. Regularly lubricating the cable contacts properly will reduce the binding problem.

3. Solution For Mode Actuator Issue

You can use mode control to diagnose the problem accurately. With this, you can get “servo motor control mode” or other servo motors that allow you to check the issue.

First, you need to personally check whether the actuator has a defect or not. To do this, automatically move the diver and remove the servo control mode. If it moves when you change mode, that means you need to change the default mode actuator.

4. Solution For Fan Selector Issue

You need to drag the dash to fix this issue. First, three screws were used to hold the fan. After removing those, you have access to the door/diverter and housing. Airflow may be impaired because the door breaks the anchor and falls over the fan, obstructing the airflow. Now, you need to pull the door from the floor carefully and place the 3M 100% silicon aside, creating an air barrier from the entrance. Then, reassemble everything carefully and wait 20 minutes. This may fix the problem.

Before the final words, why not have a look at some frequently asked questions mentioned below.


Here are some frequently asked questions, let’s take a look.

Q. How Does The Car Vent System Works?

The car air vent system secures a comforting interior environment, even with the windows shut.

Q. How Will You Know That The Car Vent Selector Stopped Working?

When you press the button of the vent selector, if it doesn’t shift, that means your car vent selector has an issue.


Car space options allow you to control the flow of air inside your car. When faced with any problem, it does not cause major car problems but disrupts comfortable and enjoyable driving. In this case, you need to fix this very quickly.

I hope this article can help you to identify some of the reasons why a car selector not working and how to deal with such a problem.

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