How To Check Freon Level In Car And Recharge AC?

It’s a hot summer afternoon and you get inside your car, the seats are very hot and you blast the AC on max intensity. That feeling when the cold air hits our faces is heavenly. The AC system of a car is very important and makes a car driveable in the summers. If the freon levels of a car go low, the AC stops working properly. Is your car AC not functioning properly? In most cases, it can be fixed by recharging it with freon. Do you want to know how to check freon level in car? If yes, this article will be very helpful.

Importance Of Freon:

Freon is the major part of the AC unit that causes cooling. It is a liquid that leaks over time but your AC not cooling could have many other reasons. Freon refilling can fix this issue in most cases and you should do it yourself if possible. It will save you the money you will have to spend on labour cost if you go to a repair shop.

Signs Of Low Freon:

There are a few signs that indicate low freon levels and they are explained below-

1. Less Cooling:

A car AC that is not giving enough cool air as it used to there is a high chance some of the freon may have leaked. This is one of the most obvious signs of low freon.

2. No Cooling:

Another very common sign of low freon is when the AC is just blowing air and not cooling the car.

3. Greasy Leaks:

If a car is leaking freon there will be a few instances of greasy leaks. This would indicate low freon levels as it is getting leaked from the AC unit.

4. No Clicking Sound:

Are you not hearing the clicking sound the AC dial makes when you turn it on? This sign along with a few others in this list may be indicating low freon levels.

5. Ice Formation:

A car AC that does not have any freon left will form ice around the compressor. This is because the AC will have nothing other than just water.

How To Check Freon Level In Car And Recharge AC?

There will be a few parts and things you will need for recharging an AC and they are- protective gloves, safety glasses and a refrigerant.

The first step to recharge an AC is by finding out what type of refrigerant your car uses. All cars manufactured before used an R12 Refrigerant and all cars made after 1994 use R-134A refrigerant. There could be anything wrong with your car for less cooling. But it is very common for cars to leak freon over time. This guide will help you in recharging your AC by refilling freon.

1. Look Under The Hood And Find The Low-Pressure Service Port

The low-pressure service port is located between the evaporator and the compressor. Also, look for two large AC lines as they will help you find the port.

2. Turn On Your Car And AC

Turn on the AC on maximum setting possible and also turn on the recirculation of your car.

3. Run The Diagnostic

Attach the coupler from the recharge kit to the low-pressure service port. Make sure the car is still running. After this, remove the cap from the port and push it onto the port. The gauge attached to the hose will tell you how much freon your car has. Depending on the amount of freon level in your car, move onto the next step. Do not proceed if your car has enough freon and something else might be causing the issue.

4. Add The Freon

First, remove the coupler from the port and shake the refrigerant. After that connect the refrigerant to the gauge and then the coupler to the port like before. Now take the can and hold it upright. Do not point it downwards as it can go into other parts of the car. Hold the trigger and fill the freon but remember to rotate it using your wrists from upwards to sideways in between.

5. Check The Reading

After you have refilled the freon in the port, check the reading again. If it is in the green zone, you have successfully recharged your car AC. Freon can take some time to move into the AC system which can cause confusing readings so it is advised to wait for a while before repeating the 4th step again.

How Much Does Freon Cost?

Even though how important freon is for a comfortable drive it is quite cheap. A can of freon refrigerant can cost you anywhere between $100 and $200. Fixing it on your own will easily save you another 100 bucks. The labour cost will almost make the budget double.


An AC is very important for comfortable drives, especially during summers. Without it, the heat becomes unbearable. Adding freon might fix cooling AC issues. It is pretty easy for someone who has prior car knowledge and can follow basic instructions. I hope this article helped you guide how to check freon level and recharge AC.

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