How To Find Hidden GPS On Car?

The modern era is the foundation of smart devices. From smartphones to even smart cars. Most cars nowadays have GPS trackers which give the precise location of a car with the help of the Global Positioning System. This system is very effective in driving as it helps us navigate from Point A to Point B. But, this technology can be easily misused to acquire the location of someone. Is someone trying to get your location for a malicious motive? If yes, this article will be very helpful as it explains how to find hidden GPS on car.

GPS trackers can be divided into two major categories. The first one is the Active GPS Tracker and gives precise location data remotely through a network. The other one is the Passive GPS Tracker and this one can share data manually. With this, the owner has to check the tracker and then find the coordinates of where the car has been. This tracker is very common and can be found at every Walmart. If you suspect someone is monitoring your car location, you should look for the tracker in the car.

How To Find Hidden GPS On Car?

There are certain places in a car where you should look for a tracker and those places are listed below-

1. Places Inside The Car:

The most common GPS trackers are the ones that fit into the OBD section of a car. You should look for a tracker in this place, which will be visible from the driver’s seat. If the tracker is not here, look for one in the dashboard, under the seats and other places inside. There are cases when you cannot find the tracker anywhere. In such cases, you should buy an electronic bug sweeper which will detect GPS trackers and other electronic devices inside. This device will save you from unnecessary hassle.

2. Places Outside The Car:

The injection-moulded ABS in the bumpers are the most convenient place for hiding a GPS tracker. Use a flashlight and a mirror to find the tracker. If the tracker is not hidden under the bumpers, you should search the undercarriage. The wheel wells could also be hiding a tracker even though it is quite uncommon. A wire connected to the battery under the hood could be leading to a GPS tracker.

This video will guide you on how to find a hidden GPS tracker on car.

How To Get Rid Of A GPS Tracker?

If you have successfully located the hidden GPS Tracker, you should just remove it from the car system. However, buying an electronic bug sweeper is highly advised. This will save you from all the hard work and if there are multiple GPS Trackers fitted, it will find their location.


GPS tracking is a great feature in smart cars but it can be very easily misused for malicious motives. If you suspect your car location is being monitored, you should not ignore it as your life might be in danger. In most cases, finding the GPS tracker is quite easy but if you cannot find one, you should buy an electronic bug sweeper which will find the location of any type of electronic devices in your car. Even if you have a little bit of suspicion, you should not take it lightly. Your car might even need a professional look if your sweeper detects a tracker but you cannot find it. A car location being monitored without consent should not be ignored at any cost. I hope this article helped you understand how to find hidden GPS on car.

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