How Much To Fix VSA System?

When the check VSA system warning light comes on, it indicates that there might be a problem with your VSA system, and you should take it to a car mechanic for inspection.

You could believe that purchasing a car ends your misery. It does, indeed. nevertheless, until a fix is made. Repairing is not a big deal, but when you don’t even have a better notion of the true cost, it hurts. This article talks about how much to fix VSA system.

What Does The VSA System Actually Do, And What Is It Used For?

The Vehicle Stability Assist [VSA] system assists in maintaining control of the vehicle during a corner if it turns more or less than desired. Additionally, it helps you maintain traction when driving quickly on rocky or uneven roadways. It accomplishes this in two ways: it controls the engine’s output and only applies the brake when necessary.

You could observe that the engine doesn’t react to the accelerator as quickly when VSA is on as it does when it is off. The VSA Activation Indicator will also begin to blink as an additional event.

Why Does VSA System Fail?

Below are some of the causes for VSA failure:

1. Appropriate Lubrication

This issue can be resolved quite easily, though, if the right lubricant is used. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use regular engine oil or WD-40; instead, you’ll need something like moly paste 60 or an anti-seize solution made for extremely hot environments.

Apply this to the brake pad shoe’s contact locations on the back of the brake pads. Applying brake pads would make the brakes less effective and be exceedingly dangerous.

2. Defective Sensor

For the VSA system to function properly, two detectors are required. This sensor keeps track of and controls the tyre speed on your car. The sensors increase grip by instantly increasing or decreasing engine power when a vehicle is being driven on a rocky incline or slick terrain.

Your directing angle may be out of sync when turning a curve because one of your tyres may rotate more quickly than the other. To fix this issue, the Tire Speed Detector is turned on.

When the VSA indications and the ABS detector illumination are both on at the same time, the ABS malfunctions and cannot send commands to the VSA. If this occurs, the subsequent operations would not be completed as needed, which would cause a VSA system breakdown.

3. Faulty Wheel Speed Sensor

It is common knowledge that driving on uneven wheels will cause a VSA to malfunction. Why is that so? because measurements from the wheel speed sensor would be off-balance. Wheel speed sensors are devices that read the speed of the wheels, send that information, and then send that information back to the control module of the vehicle.

A defective sensor (or uneven wheels) would make it difficult to interpret and operate the device correctly. The VSA wouldn’t know how to fix an issue if the sensor couldn’t identify it.

You’ll pay between $200 and $250 for a defective wheel speed sensor.

4. Defective VSA Switch

Using the VSA button, you can turn on or off the VSA system. When the VSA system controls traction and tyre motion, the circuit is complete. In the event that the button breaks, the VSA won’t turn on right away. You could take out the VSA button and use an electronic multimeter to inspect the switch’s integrity.

Additionally, the VSA illumination would produce false indicators if the circuit were damaged. For instance, the VSA indicators would remain off even after turning on the VSA system by pushing the VSA button.

Resolve The “Verify VSA System” Message

There is an easy approach to figure out what is triggering the alert on your dashboard for those of you who like to solve problems on your own. A code reader must be used, and it must be plugged into the OBD port.

You can determine what part needs to be replaced based on the codes shown on the reader. If you are unsure about the meaning of the error code, please see the Acura OBD-II Trouble Codes.

How Much To Fix VSA System?

A VSA system typically costs between $1,300 and $1700. This varies depending on the service centre and the country. Therefore, do not spend more than that typical price when making your buy. VSA modulators can be purchased here.

You must pay between $300 and $700 for the used ones. Get aid from this page if you want to identify a used VSA that is up for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the VSA system:

1. How Do I Reset The VSA On My Acura Light?

Simply turning off and back on the car will turn your Acura VSA light back on. Although it’s not a certainty, it can occasionally remove the warning. Alternatively, you can reset the system by obtaining a diagnostic tool.

2. Is Traction Control The Same As The VSA?

No. These are two distinct automotive parts, despite the fact that they carry out similar tasks. While the traction control manages tyre spinning during acceleration, the VSA is utilised to keep the vehicle directed without slipping during corners.

3. Driving While The VSA Light Is On Is It Safe?

The VSA is one of the most crucial safety features that come with your car, as was already mentioned. It’s critical to check that it’s operational at all times because driving when the VSA system is broken poses a risk to you and other road users.

You might be able to operate the vehicle up until you fix the issue, but you must keep in mind that it is missing one of the primary safety features.


One of the most crucial safety features that come standard on your Acura is the VSA system; as such, you should make sure it is operating as intended. The VSA system malfunction won’t put the automobile in limp mode, but you should fix it right away. I hope this article on the topic of how much to fix VSA system helped you a lot.

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