How To Buff Out Scuffs On Car?

Any paint transfers on your shiny white car can look tremendously bad. You don’t want any paint scuffs on the exteriors of your evenly toned car. But due to some collisions, there can a situation where you find out that your car is stained badly.

Automotive manufacturers boast about having a secure exterior for your car which can not be damaged easily but no one has actually reached the level your want to have in your car. Eventually, the car is prone to all types of scratches and paint scuffs that can make your car’s body look uneven and damaged. So, if you are in such a position where your car is stained with these paint scuffs or scratches, you don,t need to rush to an automobile center, you just have to be active enough to know that these kinds of stains and scratches can be removed easily on your own.

Sit back and read the article if you want to know how to buff out scuffs on car and understand what you can do to avoid these kinds of injuries to your car’s exterior.

How Do You Get Paint Stains On The Car?

Are you panicking if you got a paint stain on your favorite car, and wondering how the hell did I get this stain on my beauty? Don’t worry here are some reasons listed below one of which can be the reason for the paint scuff you have on your car. Let’s find out.

1. Oxidized Paint

The oxidation is generally not a paint scuff but an after-effect of a dent or scratch that was left unattended. The scratch when gets in contact with the atmosphere then it allows moisture and air to enter the bare metal, which leads to corrosion that is the oxidation of the bare metal.

Anything that penetrates a vehicle’s clear coat and exposes the painted surface underneath to the elements is a piece of bad news. But if you detect the issue early and take appropriate actions to deal with this the stains can be removed easily without going to any automotive center.

2. Paint Swirl Marks

So pain swirl marks are actually a scratch that is formed due to washing the car with abrasive washing and drying techniques Using a rough towel or automated car wash is the most common cause of this webbing paint damage. But how is the scratch misunderstood as a stain? Since these scratches are embedded within the car’s clear coat if these are allowed to get stained or dirty these can become ugly and after some time can be a leading factor for paint oxidation. Therefore to avoid this handwashing the car using a very soft cloth is recommended.

3. Tree Sap And Resin

Our mother nature plays a vital role in causing these kinds of stains. When a tree gets pruned, damaged by insects, wind releases a sticky liquid to neutralize the threat over that wound. Once dried, the area looks like a scab kind of surface. Many kinds of sap are not actually saps but resin which releases this acid-rich stuff, which eats out the car’s clear coat resulting in a stain that has been etched into the surface. Like oxidation, this is one of those contaminations that is best detected and removed right away. Allowing tree sap or resin to sit for prolonged periods of time will only give it further cause to permanently affix itself to your car.

4. Bird Droppings And Bug Splatter Damage

Acidic contaminants inside the birds dropping have the same effect as that of the tree sap. The damage is often accelerated due to the direct presence of sunlight and excessive heat. Also, the bug splatter has the same effect but they have the ability to crack into the clear coat too.

5. Dust Trails And Salted Roads

Salted roads, dusty trails, and polluted underpasses all play a role in the number of car stains getting on our cars every moment they are in motion. From freshly laid asphalt kicking up on your hood to filthy gutter water and desert dust collecting on your quarter panels, it’s all there to stain your car’s exterior.

6. Water Stains

These kinds of stains don’t even surpass the clear coat but develop onto that coat. The water stains are caused due to the mineral deposits suspended within your liquid. When the water evaporates the minerals get deposited onto the clear coat, which causes the water stains on your car.

How Do You Buff Out Scuffs On The Car?

There are simply two main steps in the process that are removing the paint and then assessing the damage, let’s briefly talk about that.

Process Of Removing the Paint

  1. Your car should be parked in a cool area that is away from the direct impact of the sun.
  2. Take a microfiber towel and pour a small amount of remover into that.
  3. Gently rub the affected area in a circular motion and increase the pressure slightly to remove the paint totally.
  4. Using the dry side of the microfiber towel wipe away the leftover remover and lightly buff the area out.
  5. Repeat until the area is perfectly clear.

Assess the Damage

Touch the area of damage and analyze that whether the scrape is very slight or does it penetrates into the painted area and goes down to the metal surface. If it is just over the clear coat them you may use your own car’s paint and touch up the area, but if the scratch goes down to the metal then you may need to do the various treatments in order to save your metal from getting rusted.  If you are unaware of how to remove scratches you may want to visit a garage to get it done.


In conclusion, now you know what are the different kinds of paint scars are there that can cause your car’s exterior to look extremely ugly but you also know now that how to buff out scuffs on the car. So, take out your tools and start the journey of getting rid of your paint scuffs, and say hello to a shiny bright car.

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