How To Find Lost Remote Car key?

Without our key fobs, where would we be? We’ll be stuck, hopelessly stuck! They seem to be designed to get lost; they are little, we always have them with us, we use them constantly, and we store them in various locations. You should examine every area of your home, including your garden, yard, patio, pots, and drawers, as well as your pockets, drawers, under the bed, and other hidden spaces.

Even so, if your key fob hasn’t appeared, it could be time to contact a Bayside car locksmith. And after they’ve done their job, we advise putting a few of these habits into practice to ensure that you never lose your key fob again and also how to find lost remote car key.

What To Do When You Lose Your Key Fob?

How often have you found yourself in front of a locked door to your house or car, reaching into your pocket, only to discover that you’ve once again misplaced your keys?

By now, you should be an expert at “looking for my lost keys again,” but just in case you’re one of the few individuals who don’t frequently misplace their keys, here are some pointers for conducting a systematic search:

1. Don’t Worry, Just Look

The initial reaction is panic when we realize we’ve misplaced our keys. Then, when it occurs again, we become furious with ourselves. This might help us let out some steam, but it won’t enable us to conduct an effective and concentrated search for our misplaced keys.

Keep cool and begin your search instead. Look at the location where your keys should be. Sometimes we just miss things the first time, so re-checking could save you from conducting pointless searches.

2. Find Your Backup key

Are you having trouble locating your automobile key fob? Need to leave right away?

You might need to find your spares in these circumstances.

If you’re at home when you lose your key fob or remote, even though it’s less convenient, at least you won’t be stranded any longer! Of course, this only works if you’re at home!

3. Purchase A Smart key finder

Sometimes, especially after a difficult day, our brainpower is insufficient. Purchase a smart key finder, fasten it to your keys, and link it to your phone. In this manner, you can find your phone using your keys or your phone using your keys. Considering that we always carry our keys with us, finding misplaced ones might be particularly difficult. Every day, they relocate at least several times!

The Chipolo provides a useful sharing option to facilitate your and your family’s search. Through the app, you may virtually share your tracker with your family so they can use their phones to assist you in looking for your misplaced keys.

4. Calling A Melbourne Car locksmith

When you unintentionally misplace your fob, our auto locksmith in Melbourne may come to wherever you are in the Bayside region and assist you in getting back on the road.

We can instantly program a variety of remotes and key fobs, enabling us to not only get you back on the road but also replace your lost key fob with an identically useful one.

How To Find A Lost Car Key Fob?

It can be exhausting to look for missing items, particularly if they lack GPS tracking, like a car key fob. DoNotPay is here to assist if you’re unsure how to approach your search in the best possible manner. We’ll show you the quick and easy way to locate a misplaced automobile key fob!

1. Taking A Step Back

You should go back to the spot where you last used the key fob. Ask the proprietors, employees, or people nearby if they have seen your key fob by searching the area or getting in touch with them.

Even if it takes time, this approach has potential. If you leave your car key fob at a restaurant, for instance, there’s a chance that one of the staff members will have found it and will be ready to give it to you.

2. Going To Lost And Found Places

The majority of places have departments or lost and found bins that deal with stuff individuals forget. Before going there, find out whether the places you’ve been have lost and found offices and make contact with them. If they do or do not have your key fob, a customer service agent could let you know.

3. Making A Call To The Authorities

Even though calling the police isn’t the most effective way to find your car key fob, it’s worth a try if all else fails. Your key fob might not be discovered by the authorities, but there’s a potential that someone found it and turned it in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about how to find a lost remote car key:

1. Can A Remote Car key Be Tracked?

Can you track a missing key fob? Despite being highly technological, key fobs don’t come with a built-in tracking feature just yet. Fortunately, you have lots of third-party tools at your disposal to monitor your key fobs till then!

2. What Should I Do If My Remote key Is Lost?

For safety reasons, you should totally replace your car’s remote-lock system if your remote-key/keyless FOB is stolen, damaged, or lost. This is because it is a crucial component of the remote-lock system.

3. Is There A Search App For key Fobs?

For $2.86, Phone Locator Pro does essentially the same functions for Android phones. Of course, you can always pick up another phone and contact the missing mobile if you lose it at home. You can find up to six devices with the Find One Find All (FOFA) key fob.

4. Google, Can You Find My keys?

The search engine giant has partnered with tracking firm Tile to make it possible for you to use Google Assistant to find your misplaced items. Google has announced that owners of Tile can now use Google Nest smart speakers to locate their phone, wallet, keys, and other items.


One of the most typical yet annoying things in the world is misplacing your keys and how to find lost remote car key. All of us have experienced it, and as our lives become busier and busier, it will likely continue to occur. You can, however, eliminate this issue from your life with a little bit of proactive effort on your part, freeing up your energy for other, more significant issues that genuinely matter to you.

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