How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Car? [8 Easy Methods]

Do you have a dog or a cat that likes to ride in your car? Yes? I also have a dog and he also likes to travel with me in my car, but I couldn’t take him with me. Yes, you are thinking right, I also had the same problem that you are going through now. But it’s not like that anymore. Do you want to know how? 

No matter how the fleas get into your car, their presence is unacceptable and can make your car feel like a nuisance to all passengers. In this guide, I will share with you my expert tips and expert product recommendations on how to get rid of fleas in car.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Cars

Here are some tips and tricks on how to get rid of fleas in car :

1. Start By Eliminating Fleas On Your Pet

Before you start cleaning your car, you should wash your pet. Use a medicated herbal shampoo and thoroughly wash all pets. When dry, attach a flea/tick collar or apply a spot treatment between the shoulders of a pet. This will kill the remaining larvae and eggs. Remember: you will need to re-apply the local treatment after 3-4 weeks to further eradicate the fleas.

2. Sprinkle Salt Into Your Car 

The first and the great way to get rid of fleas in your car is to try the salt in the car. Too bad you will have a car full of salt for a few days the usual table salt does the job. You choose to use good salt instead of rock salt. Sprinkle sodium chloride next to your car and try to focus on areas with a large number of fleas. Be cautious not to add salt to areas where it is hard to reach, or you may need an expert to clean your car afterwards.

Once you have ended covering the interior of your car with salt, let it settle for a few days. As a dehydrator, salt will destroy all fleas. After limited days, you can proceed to clean up your mess. 

3. Use Boric Acid Instead Of Salt

If you do not have salt at home and for some reason have boric acid instead, you can use boric acid as an alternative.

For protection, it is a nice idea to wear two gloves and safety goggles to keep hydrogen borate out of your eyes. As you would with salt, use a vacuum to clean up boric acid.

4. Flea Trap

A flea trap is an effective way to kill fleas in your car and do nothing. Many traps use light or colours to attract insects and then attach them to the glue.

The middle trap can attract these insects from 30 ft. far, so you only need a few of them in your car.

The only warning to flea traps is that they are prone to movement when driving. Therefore, you should place fly traps under your seat or in other secure areas where they are less likely to move.

5. Use Hedge Apples In Your Car 

“Hedge apples”? An unconventional trick to get rid of fleas is to put fencing apples on your car. Also named “ horse apples,” this raw, leafy fruit works for repelling fleas and other insects. Before you put these unique apples in your car, you will want to cut them into small pieces to give off the smell of orange apples. The Hedge apple season runs from early July to the end of October.

6. Flea Sprays

Almost any major box shop sells vacuum spray products – most of which contain certified natural oils or non-toxic chemicals that kill fleas when in contact. You will want to make sure you buy a “home” spray, not a mist spray. Some flea sprays are designed exclusively for carpets, which works well if you have fleas in your car park or your car.

Most flea sprays do not have a strong odour, especially if they contain natural ingredients. However, it is best to spray flea spray a few hours before driving.

Since fleas are often difficult to spot, you will want to spray all the cracks and crevices in your car, making sure you kill all the last insects.

How many times do you have to use sprays? 

You should use the spray two times a week or at least until you get rid of fleas from your car.

7. Vacuum Cleaning 

Vacuum cleaning your car is an important first step in dealing with fleas. A powerful vacuum cleaner will absorb old fleas, eggs, and worms and loosen the eggs trapped in the cracks in your car.

Cleaning also helps to encourage caterpillars and fleas out of their nests so that they are at risk of pesticide treatment. If you are severely attacked, we recommend that you clean daily to avoid being bitten by fleas.

8. Clean Your Car Often

Keeping your car clean is a good way when you find an easy way how to get rid of fleas in car. Fleas enjoy eating humans and animals, but they will also eat dead vegetables and insects. Therefore, you should clean your car once a week and make sure you dispose of food.

It is also a good idea to wipe your car using a cotton rag. Try to clean up hard-to-reach areas where fleas are hiding. In addition, you should pay someone to define your car a few times a year, depending on how dirty it is.


Why not have a look at some frequently asked questions:

Q1. Does heat kills fleas?

Fleas have an interesting life cycle, but heat disrupted it. So it is also a good method to use against them.

Q2. How can fleas enter my car?

Usually, a flea attack on a car is the result of taking your pet for a ride when fleas are attacked and fleas are transmitted to the carpet of your car.

Q3. Can I use a flea bomb?

A big NO. Flea bombs are not safe for humans as well as pets. Using it in your car for fleas will be harmful.


The only way to control fleas is to eradicate them, not only from your pets but also from the environment. There are 8 methods I’ve mentioned above for how to get rid of fleas in car, you can opt for the one you like or easy for you.

If you want to know more about automobiles and much more related to them, so feel free to share your problems in the comments section and give us a chance to solve them.

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