How To Reset The Security Indicator Light Dead Battery?

The security indicator light will turn on to let you know whether the security system is functioning properly or if there is a problem. The security lamp should briefly come on when the car is being started or the key is in the “run” position, then go out. This “bulb check” is also expected. Your car’s security light may need to be reset. When the security light starts to blink, the immobiliser system is activated and prevents the automobile from starting. Read the article below to know how to reset the security indicator light dead battery.

How To Reset Security Indicator Light Dead Battery?

Below are the steps to reset the security indicator light dead battery:

Step 1: Reset The Drivers Door Key

Close all of the car’s doors and roll up the windows before getting out. Additionally, shut any rear doors, including the front hood, the rear hatch, and the trunk. Walk away from the vehicle at least ten feet after locking it with the driver’s side lock. Unlock the door after waiting for fifteen minutes; this should reset the security system.

Step 2: Turn On The Key Fob

Numerous manufacturers forbid the automobile from starting after the panic button has been depressed. To reset the immobiliser, hold down the panic button for five seconds.

Next, press the lock button twice and wait ten minutes ten feet away from the car. The security system should then be deactivated by pressing the unlock button twice on the key fob, which should be accompanied by external lights flashing or an audible horn honk. The cancellation of the security light should come after each of these actions. The system has not been reset if this light is blinking while you are trying to start the engine.

Step 3: Turn On The Ignition

The power used by many immobiliser systems must be visible from each power input given by the ignition switch. When the ignition key is inserted and turned to the “on” position, try cranking the engine over, but it won’t start. Wait ten minutes with the key still in the run position, and the security light should blink before going out. Wait five seconds after turning the key off. Follow these instructions three times, each for ten minutes. Any error codes will be cleared after 100 keystrokes, and the car is now prepared to learn the Passlock code again.

Step 4: Remove The Alarm Fuse

Most autos have an alarm fuse in the fuse panel. Remove the fuse to turn off the security system using the owner’s manual. Reinstall the fuse to reactivate the system if the car still won’t start. The immobiliser is being soft rebooted in this manner.

Step 5: Cut The Battery Cord

Due to a voltage surge or a system malfunction, the anti-theft system may occasionally become out of sync. Start by unplugging the negative cable from the battery, wait five minutes, and then plug it back in. As a result, the security system will be able to restart itself hard and reset the alarm protocol, which will assist in the immobiliser starting up in the right order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about resetting the security indicator light dead battery:

1. How Do I Fix The Immobiliser System On My Nissan?

If you accidentally set off the car alarm, click the panic or unlock button on the key fob to turn it off. To unlock and reset the immobiliser, you can also put the key into the driver’s door. Another option is to first hit the panic button for five seconds before pushing the lock button twice.

2. How May An Engine Immobiliser Be Defeated?

By inserting the key into the keyhole, you can disable the immobiliser and enable remote starting for the vehicle. You don’t have to worry about automobile security thanks to the additional protection offered by Mobokey, which enables the security to be activated as soon as the phone travels away from the car.

3. How Can I Locate My Nissan Pin Number?

PIN numbers for these vehicles are available at and for authorised security experts. Equipment: To initialise mechanical keys and “I-Keys,” Nissan and Infiniti vehicles need to utilise their exclusive CONSULT software.

4. What Is The Mechanism Of The Nissan Vehicle Immobilizer system?

When activated, the device stops anyone who doesn’t have the proper key from starting the vehicle. The engine won’t start unless the key is registered with the vehicle’s computer.

5. How Can I Stop The Blinking Of My Anti-Theft Light?

The security light will be flashing in the absence of any events or if the engine starts and then stops. Wait 10 minutes with the key still in the On position. The flashing light should stop flashing or turn on steadily. When it happens, switch off the ignition, wait 20 seconds, and then attempt to start the car.

6. What Does The Anti-Theft Light Imply When It Blinks?

Your car’s anti-theft light should flicker intermittently to indicate that the system is activated and engaged. For the alarm to go off, you must lock the car’s doors (when it is not moving).

7. Does The Security Light Use Battery Power?

These systems have a direct connection from the battery to the alarm, which gradually drains the battery of power. This may eventually result in the battery failing. When the security indicator light illuminates, what does that mean?
The security indicator light will turn on to let you know whether the security system is functioning properly or if there is a problem.


The security indicator light is a godsend for drivers of cars, and it’s wise to understand the indications it sends to make sure the vehicle is maintained properly. Every time you get into the car, check the bulbs and pay attention to the indications the security warning light emits.

Make sure your battery is not flat and that the right automobile key is inserted into the ignition lock. If you detect any unusual signals, you might need to proceed according to the outlined process.

Verify the key to make sure it is the right key. If so, inject once again and assess the signal. If the signal is still off, see if your battery is healthy and functional. If the battery seems functional,  reset the immobilizer system. I hope that the article on the topic of security indicator light dead battery cleared all your queries.

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