Meaning Of Steering Assist Is Reduced Drive With Care

You’ve probably heard the aforementioned phrase at least a few times, whether you drive frequently or regularly take your car in for repair? What does that mean, though? When there is an issue with the electric power steering system, the dashboard of your car will display the message “Steering Assist is Reduced, Drive with Care.”

If the driver is unprepared, it can cause a loss of control or raise the chance of a collision. Your questions will be answered by this article.

Reasons Why Your Steering Assist Is Reduced Drive With Care

Any mechanical problem always has a technological root. Therefore, without understanding the root cause of a particular issue, it is hard to find a solution. Here are a few causes for the dashboard message that reads “steering help is reduced.”

1. The Thermostat On The Engine Is Jammed Open

The component of the engine that controls and maintains the coolant flow into the radiator is the engine thermostat. By doing this, it aids in maintaining the engine’s temperature.

A lot of fluid will stream through a stuck open thermostat, keeping the engine at an unnecessarily cool temperature. It is anticipated that as a result, the error code and the steering assist would both malfunction.

2. Use Of Steering Assistance Frequently

When the steering assist is improperly checked and misused, the message that it is reduced is another cause. When you activate the help option while the car is still moving for an extended period of time, the steering assist may be reduced.

In circumstances like this, the dashboard of the car will alert you to the issue. “Steering Assist is decreased, Drive with Care,” will be displayed on the signal.

3. Leakage Of Steering Fluid

Power steering wheels contain a unique fluid that makes turns simple and comfortable. Over time, steering fluid leaks and drips. The fluid leak negatively affects how the automobile drives by making the steering difficult to control and stiff.

The notification alerting us to the problem with the steering assist shows on the dash when the fluid in the electric power steering system starts to decrease. A pump hose typically leaks fluid, especially when the hose becomes worn out.

4. Faulty Temperature Sensor

The engine temperature is displayed by the temperature gauge. When the gauge falls, the vehicle’s engine is cold. If the engine has been running for some time but the gauge still reads cold, the gauge is probably broken and unable to determine when the engine is cold. For your steering wheel assist, this is unlucky.

Contrary to popular belief, a bad thermostat is not always responsible for a car’s AC system acting up. However, the “steering assist is reduced” code could illuminate due to a broken AC system.

How Do I Get Rid Of This Dashboard Error Message?

The reason the problem message “Steering Assist is Reduced, Drive With Care” appears on the dashboard of the car has been discussed.

But a warning sign like this one could appear on a car’s dashboard even if there were no technical problems. Even when the issue is resolved, it can remain unchanged. The warning sign remains visible even if you have fixed any problems with your car or have not noticed any problems.

After then, you should turn off and restart your car’s engine two to three times. By doing this, you might be able to remove the warning message. If restarting the car’s engine doesn’t get rid of the error message, there might be a complicated problem that is beyond your scope of knowledge. As a result, you ought to consult a mechanic and allow him to handle this issue.

What Is The Cost To Fix?

Depending on what is causing the problem, different solutions will cost different amounts. You will get free access to the solution if restarting the car causes the message to disappear. But if you are still reading, the message has probably either come back or never left in the first place.

A broken ECM will cost about $1000 in parts and labour, whereas a stuck open thermostat will cost about $300 to replace. A malfunctioning temperature gauge will cost an additional $50 to repair while replacing a blower motor relay would cost about $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about steering assistance is reduced drive with care:

1. Why Does My GMC Say The Steering Assist Has Been Reduced?

The inaccurate coolant temperature signal from the Electric control module is what causes the steering assist reduced message. The module determines the proper coolant temperature to compensate for the thick and cold grease. Steering wheels become stiffer and more difficult to move as oil becomes thicker and colder.

2. How Can My Steering Assist Be Reset?

Restarting the car is the simplest way to reset the steering wheel. Start and stop the car’s engine. The electrical system of the car is automatically reset when you do this. Repeat this procedure two or three times to clear the displayed warning message.

3. How Much Does The Power Steering Assist Fault Cost To Repair?

An average power steering control module replacement costs between $827 and $857. While the parts cost $714, the service costs between $114 and $143. The model or location of your vehicle, excluding additional fees and taxes, may also affect the price.

4. What Does A Cadillac’s Steering Assist Is Reduced Drive With Care Mean?

When this message appears, it indicates that a failure has occurred as a result of a break in the communication between the modules. The power steering control module is used to display this message. Even when the error is fixed, it may still appear to be a recent fault.


The communication between the module and the vehicle is cut off, resulting in the notice that “Steering Assist is Reduced, Drive with Care.” With the help of the power steering control module, it displays. It may continue to show the notice on the dashboard even after the problem or error has been resolved as though it were still an ongoing issue.

GM’s Sierra, Tahoe, and Silverado cars tend to have this error message. It is vital to take the car to a professional in any workshop for inspection if the error does not go off. It’s possible that replacing the car’s parts won’t make a difference because the electrical system is the main cause of this issue rather than its physical components.

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