What To Do If The Turn Signal Not Flashing On One Side?

Turning to a side during driving is very simple, you turn on the indicators of the side you what turn to and then turn to that side. Indicators are necessary as they provide this information to other vehicles driving on the road that you are going to make a turn. This makes you avoid any mishappening.

But What do you do if the turn signal not flashing on one side? This makes you more prone to road rages and accidents. Because people tend to show rage to people who do not follow the rules, unknowingly that your flashlight is not working.

To avoid these incidents and any further damage, let us find out what causes your flashlight to become damaged and how do you fix it.

Trouble Shooting Turn Signal Problems

Troubleshooting any problems in the turning signal is not a very difficult task to achieve, if your turn signals have stopped working, it’ll be doing one of these things: blinking rapidly, coming on without blinking, or nothing at all.

There are only two possible scenarios for this either it is due to a bad turn signal relay or the bulb is dead.┬áThe good news is that all of these symptoms point to two possible issues, a bad turn signal relay or a dead bulb. If the turn signal relay is damaged then the signal won’t blink at all or doesn’t come on at all. But if it is the bulb that is faulty then the signal will blink really fast.┬áSome cars do have separate flasher relays for turn signals and hazard lights. Make sure to check both the systems if you are thinking about replacing the turn signal and the hazard lights can be very important.

If these two are not the cases for the signal not working then you can check for some connectivity issues. Inspect the area that is at the back of the turn signal housing. See if some plugs are unplugged or wirings are not in place.

A bad ground connection can also be very much a culprit as wiring connections. If your turn signal doesn’t flash at all then it might be a certainty that your ground connection is at fault. To troubleshoot this point you have to trace the ground wire from the bulb housing to its termination point, that is the point at which it screws to the car’s chassis. Chassis is the exterior portion of your car. Try to inspect around this area if you find any loose wires then it is certain that this is causing the issue of the turn signal not flashing on one side.

What To Do If The Turn Signal Not Flashing On One Side?

Now, you know what causes the turn signal not to flash on one side, let’s discuss how do you fix your turn signal so that it works properly.

Turn Signal Is At Fault

If it’s the turn signal causing the problem you have to replace the turn signal, to replace the turn signal you can run to a repair shop or you can do it yourself.

  1. Inspecting the problem is the first step, only replace the turn signal if you are sure that this is the component that is making the trouble.
  2. Find out the location of your relay cluster using the car manual.
  3. Now locate the turn signal relay using a car manual or a service manual.
  4. Now, you know the locations of your relay, so the last thing that is to be done is to replace the old and damaged ones with the new ones. There is nothing difficult in replacing the relay since there are no permutation combinations for the installation. It can only be installed in one way.

The Bulb Is Dead

If it is your bulb making the turn signal faulty then replacing it is a great option, it is easily replaceable on your own let us see how:

  1. The first and foremost step is to obviously verify that the turn signal bulb does not flash.
  2. Remove the electrical connector and old bulb and replace that with a new one
  3. Reassemble the turn signal components.
  4. Check proper operation of turn signals if it works properly now then violla! your turn signal flashlight is ready to work.

Bad Grounding Conditions Are Causing The Problem

To repair the grounding condition you have to follow the steps given below:

  1. Trace the ground wire from the bulb housing to the endpoint that is attached to the chassis.
  2. If you locate that point then loosen the ground condition and then retighten it.
  3. Cleaning can also be done in that area to avoid any debris accumulation.

Connectivity Issues Are Causing The Turn Signal Issue

The connectivity issues can be a little hard to trace but you can still repair this issue on your own.
  1. You have to locate the plugs that connect to your tail light and front signals to the car’s electrical system.
  2. Try plugging and unplugging the plugs, this can renew the connections and solve the issue.


In conclusion, it is easy to troubleshoot the issue that was causing the turn signal not flashing on one side similarly it is easy to repair the faults too. You don’t need to rush to a garage or an automobile repair center to have your turn signal repaired. But as simple as it is, it is an essential part of your car and is really important to reduce the chances of any collisions or road rage. But you can still visit a mechanic if you are totally unaware of how to repair your turn signal flashlight.

The Important point is to get it repaired and have a safe drive. So, never delay this thinking that it is not a big deal I will get it repaired someday later. Which may cost you a big deal. So, drive safe be happy.

If you are having some other inquiries feel free to comment your questions down below we will be more than happy to help you in solving your problems.


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