How To Reset Service Engine Soon Light?

Do you own a vehicle? Do you have the fundamental knowledge of auto maintenance to handle emergencies? How to reset the service engine soon light? People strive to learn the fundamentals of driving a car so they can restart it in an emergency. Knowing something about an engine will really come in handy in challenging circumstances. Read the article below to know more about it. You will discover all there is to know about the service engine soon warning light in this article.

Common Reasons Why The Service Engine Soon Light Is On

The check engine light and the service engine soon light may combine on some older automobiles. The hue of the light and whether it flashes or not determine the problem’s meaning and severity.

The check engine light and the service engine soon light will, however, be located separately on the majority of new automobiles. When the service engine soon light illuminates while you are driving, it normally causes little concern. The precise meaning will depend on your vehicle’s manual; nevertheless, in most circumstances, it indicates that a routine service or fluid top-up is necessary.

1. Replacement Of Brake Pads

Brake pads are another typical maintenance component that requires constant care. In most modern cars, a brake pad wear sensor is installed, and when the brake pads wear out, it activates the engine service light. When the brakes require maintenance, certain vehicles also have a distinct brake service indicator that will illuminate in red.

2. Renewing The Diesel Particulate Filter

A diesel particulate filter is most likely installed in a car that is less than ten years old and has a diesel engine. After 125,000 miles of driving, these filters normally need to be replaced or thoroughly cleaned. When the service engine soon light comes on, the DPF may be blocked and require cleaning.

3. Alert For Regular Maintainance

Every now and again, some items require updating or checking. After a predetermined length of time, mileage, or usage, every car needs to have a scheduled service. For instance, changing the engine oil or changing the air filter. This is what the Service Engine Soon light is there to notify you of. It serves as a prompt to have it checked as soon as you can at your local dealer or repair.

4. Blue Ad Top Up

Ad-blue is also used by more recent diesel automobiles to reduce emissions. Every few thousand miles, the ad blue tank needs to be topped off, and when the ad blue levels are low, the service engine light can turn on.

How To Reset Service Engine Soon Light?

Step 1: Switch the ignition to the on position, but do not turn the key. Press the gas pedal all the way down and then release it five times in under five seconds after counting three seconds.

Step 2: Hold down the gas pedal for 10 seconds or until the service engine soon light starts blinking, then count backwards from seven. Lift the pedal, then start writing down the codes. There will be four numbers in each code. From one to ten, count the flashes, with ten being zero. This will be the first number, followed by a brief delay of around a half second before the second number starts to flash.

If there are multiple fault codes, the computer will flash the following one when the fourth number is flashed after a long wait. If there is just one fault code, it will keep repeating itself. There are no fault codes present if the computer keeps flashing the number 10. After obtaining the codes, switch off the ignition.

Step 3: Compare the fault codes to the code sheet to determine the nature of the issue. Prior to attempting to reset the computer, fix the issue.

Step 4: Repeat the previous two steps to erase the codes and reset the computer, which will turn the light off, but when the light starts to flash, press the gas pedal down until it stops flashing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about how to reset the service engine soon light:

1. What Sets Off The Service Engine Soon Light?

There are numerous reasons why the service engine soon light illuminates. Depending on the car model, the most frequent causes include minor engine problems, low fluid levels, defective light bulbs, and minor emission problems.

2. If My Service Engine Soon Light Is On, Can I Drive?

In most circumstances, the issues that are flashing the service engine soon signal are not harmful to your car. Before continuing to drive, it is wise to check all fluid levels to make sure they are satisfactory. However, we do advise that it be fixed as quickly as possible.

3. What Should I Do To Make The Service Engine Soon Light Turn Off?

Most of the time, you just need to fix the issue that was the root of the service engine light, and it will go away on its own. If the light appears as a result of planned maintenance, you must use a diagnostic scanner or a specific combination for your car model to reset it.

4. Is The Service Engine Soon Light Triggered By Low Oil?

Yes, on many different car models, a low oil level will result in the service engine soon light appearing on your dashboard. It can also indicate that there are other low fluid levels or other issues with the car. However, you should start with checking the oil level because it is rather simple to do so.


We trust that you now have a better understanding of how to reset the service engine soon light. Hopefully, the next time it lights up on your instrument cluster, you’ll be more ready. In essence, a Service Engine Soon light functions like a canary in a coal mine. If there is a problem, it chirps along. If you ignore anything long enough, you can find yourself entering a world of pain.

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