ESC Off Light On Dashboard, What To Do?

Imagine while driving, you suddenly become aware of the ESC off light on dashboard. Are you contemplating the potential causes of this and potential solutions?

Look no farther for solutions if you’re having problems locating them because we have all the information you require here.¬†¬†This article will solve all your queries.

ESC Light Meaning

The electric stability control light is referred to as the ESC light. To assist you in maintaining control of your car in hazardous situations, this system functions in tandem with your car’s traction control system. Although they are frequently used interchangeably, traction control and stability control are two different systems.

In addition to traction control, stability also includes technologies that can assist you when your vehicle is understeering or oversteering. Consequently, not all vehicles with traction control also have stability control, even though an electronic stability control system will always include traction control.

Causes Of ESC Light

The most frequent causes of an ESC light are either malfunctioning wheel speed sensors or the system is turned off. Although there are the most typical reasons for an ESC light, there are other things to watch out for as well. The most frequent causes of your vehicle’s ESC light being on are mentioned below.

1. The ESC System Has Been Disabled

Since most vehicles have an override switch installed by the manufacturer, the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) can be disabled manually. Professional drivers can disable the ESC system because it hinders drifting, and doing so turns the ESC off the light. You should probably seek up how to turn the system on and off either from your vehicle’s manual or online before driving your car to the mechanic. If you compare this to driving your car to the mechanic, you might be surprised at how simple and affordable it is.

2. Faulty Wheel Speed Sensors

The wheel speed sensor is usually always to blame when there is a problem with the system. Every wheel speed sensor in your car is monitored by the ESC system, which then modifies the brakes to account for any anomalies it detects. However, if one of the wheel speed sensors is completely unresponsive or provides inaccurate readings, your ESC system will experience issues. By connecting a scan tool and keeping an eye on each sensor’s speed readings while you drive, you can make sure that each wheel speed sensor is operating properly.

3. Steering Angle Sensor Malfunction

The steering angle sensor, a component of the ESC, monitors the angle at which the steering is turned as well as the direction in which the vehicle is moving. It then transmits this information in real-time to the main control system of the ESC.

The wheels facing the way you turn will spin more slowly than the wheels facing the opposite direction when you make a turn. Naturally, this rule is accepted. However, the ESC will believe that one side of the wheels is slipping when the steering angle sensor malfunctions or fails to accurately signal to the Engine Control Unit that the turn is normal. This will result in the ESC off-light turning on.

4. Poor Wiring/Electrical Issues

Even if the sensors themselves are functioning flawlessly, nothing will function properly if there is a wiring break between the sensor and the ECM. Even while it’s not common, it can happen, especially where the exposed wiring is near the wheel speed sensors.

Finally, when inspecting these sensors, make sure to constantly check the battery and power. When an ESC system inadvertently turned on at high speeds, this mechanic once wasted half a day troubleshooting it before realising the issue was a battery with a dead cell.

ESC Off Light On Dashboard, What To Do?

By now it should be clear that relies on what initially set off the light. Drive cautiously if it comes on as a result of your low traction issue. When you’re ready, switch the system back on if it’s on as a result of you turning it off.

Don’t wait to troubleshoot and repair the ESC system if the light is on because a component isn’t functioning properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about ESC off-light on the dashboard:

1. Is Driving With The ESC Turned Off Safe?

Except when travelling on a slick or icy surface where the ESC’s help is necessary, it’s often safe to drive a car without the ESC turned on, but doing so is dangerous while driving on typical roads.

2. What Happens When You Depress ESC?

Lightweight vehicles employ ESCs to help prevent collisions, which reduces traffic accidents by up to 6%. Driving while the ESC light is on is therefore not a good idea, much like not wearing a seatbelt or disabling the airbags.

3. Should I Disable ESC?

The ESC is essential since it aids in steering your car in difficult driving circumstances. It is not advised that you turn off your ESC. However, if you are a skilled professional driver, you may disable it.

4. Why Does “Service ESC” Exist?

The service ESC light indication light often illuminates when the vehicle loses control and continues to illuminate when a defect has been found or the system has been manually turned off.

5. Is ESC Useful When It Snows?

The ESC is conceivably the only and most significant tool used to prevent skids throughout the winter. It does, indeed. at least when properly inflated tyres are utilised (winter tires). On a snowy or icy road, you simply cannot travel quickly since severe tyre spinning would slow down your vehicle and maybe cause you to lose steering control.

6. What Triggers The ESC Light To Turn On?

The dashboard of cars with ESC installed has an indicator light. If your car is not under control when the ESC light is on, it probably isn’t. Additionally, if the ESC light stays on, there is a good chance that the ESC is broken or has been manually switched off.


While there are many positive aspects of modern technology, when problems arise it might be easy to curse it. However, don’t fully dismiss the ESC system. When things don’t function as they should, it can be a little aggravating, but it’s a potentially life-saving invention.

When you consider the hundreds of accidents they have avoided, the few issues they do occasionally create are well worth it. we hope that the article on ESC off-light on dashboard solved all your queries.

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