Know More About Skoda Amundsen Hidden Functions

Skoda vehicles are not only attractive and enjoyable to drive; they also include a number of “hidden features” that benefit both drivers and owners. Today, we’ll go over some Simply Clever and other Skoda Amundsen hidden functions that will help you get the most out of your Skoda, no matter which one you choose.

As we go over each Skoda model and give samples of some of the characteristics that can be found in that model, the good news is that many of these features can be found on other Skoda models (though they do vary).

Skoda Amundsen Hidden Functions

All of the features listed below can only be accessed through software and do not require any mechanical operations or part assembly. In fact, it’s better to call it a closed feature rather than a hidden or secret feature. Although these hidden functions are present in your car’s architecture, they have not been activated by the factory. We’ve detailed the Superb 3V hidden features or secret functions that we can unlock for Superb 3V vehicles via a remote computer connection on this page. Before determining which features to open, it is recommended that you read this page. You can contact us if you have a vcds cable and software. Your Superb 3V automobile, in whatever version you have, contains hidden functions that can be used.

1. Window Activity That Is Synchronized

It’s a hot summer day, and you’ve parked your Skoda Fabia outdoors before heading to work or the shops. When you’re ready to depart, you might want to open the windows and let all the hot air out to cool the car down (after it’s been roasting in the sun for so long)

Instead of manually opening and closing each window in the Skoda Fabia, the key fob can easily synchronize the procedure. Simply press and hold the unlock button to open all of the windows at the same time. You should keep a safe distance from the vehicle until all of the heat has dissipated. Simply press and hold the lock button to close all the windows. If your vehicle has a sunroof, it can also be configured to participate in the action.

2. Tow Bar With Quick Setup And On-Demand

If you have a Skoda Karoq and frequently tow trailers or own a caravan, the electrically retractable tow bar is a highly handy feature because it eliminates the stress of connecting and detaching the tow bar as needed.

When the feature is installed in your vehicle, you should notice a little button in the boot. The tow bar will slide down from the back bumper once you’ve pulled it towards you. Until the tow bar is physically fastened in place, the orange illumination on the button will blink. Pull the button towards you to retract the tow bar, and the tow bar will be released and dropped.

After it has fallen, manually put it back behind the rear bumper, where it will lock into place, keeping it safe until the next time it is needed.

3. To Top Everything Off, A Quick Clean

Skoda’s Simply Clever features are carried over into the boot as well. For example, in the Skoda Kamiq, there is a double-sided boot mat with fabric on one side and plastic on the other that fits perfectly to the measurements of the floor and protects your boot space when transporting filthy or damp objects.

The last thing you want to worry about when you get back to your car after a day at the beach or a game of football is staining the boot, but with a boot mat that can be removed and wiped clean in seconds, you won’t have to.

4. The key To Convenience Is KESSY

It’ll never be easier to manage your new Skoda Octavia if you choose the KESSY (Keyless Entry, Start and Exit System) control unit. It has a range of up to 1.5 meters and instantly unlocks the car when you touch the door handle – no pressing, inserting, or turning required. For security purposes, only the door on the same side as the key will unlock (though this setting can be changed if you wish).

To lock the Octavia, simply place your hand on the door handle after exiting the vehicle, then walk away. You also don’t have to worry about locking your keys in the car because the doors will automatically unlock if the automobile recognizes your presence.

If you’re carrying the key inside the Octavia, there’s no need to put it in the ignition. To start the engine, simply push a button while keeping your foot on the brake. When you get to your destination, simply push another button to turn off the engine. During this time, your key will not have to leave your pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Skoda Amundsen’s hidden functions:

1. What Is KODA keyless Entry And How Does It Work?

Up to 1.5 meters away from the automobile, the KESSY (Keyless Entry, Start and Exit System) control unit recognizes the key. When the door handles or tailgate are operated, the vehicle automatically unlocks. At the touch of a button, the engine fires up.

2. Are Ancient Skodas Trustworthy?

You’ll be delighted to learn that Skoda is a dependable brand. In fact, they consistently achieve the highest score on dependability tables and have done so for years. For example, the Telegraph ranked Skoda as the best choice for dependable cars in 2016 and 2017.

3. What Is The Purpose Of The KODA App?

The KODA Media Services app provides news and general information about the brand’s activities around the world, as well as an overview of the current KODA model line, which includes the most recent KODA Motorsport and product news.

4. Is It Possible To Track My KODA Car?

You define who has access to your KODA vehicle during the delivery ordering procedure. You can also track the delivery status with the MyKODA App.


So there you have it: an introduction to some of the Skoda Amundsen hidden functions. More Simply Clever solutions may be found, not to mention revolutionary safety and technical features like ambient lighting that improve the driving and riding experience of every Skoda vehicle.

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