How To Turn Off Seat Belt Alarm?

You must put on your seat belt while driving. Yet, the seat belt sometimes behaves like an irritant. Whatever the reason may be, you should put on your seat belt. The seat belt is not needed every time. For example, if you were traveling on a farm at low speed it has ups and downs. In this case, the seat belt is not needed. So in this article, learn how to turn off the seat belt alarm.

Why Does The Alarm Sound, When A Passenger Or Driver In A Car Doesn’t Fasten Seat Belt?

The role of the seat belt reminder is, of course, that it makes the passenger or driver feels safer while the car is in motion. So they are made to release a signal that is warning signals ranging from visuals with blinking icons or text displays that intensifies the warning.

Sometimes, the alarm (ding) sound can get stuck, even if you were bullied by your seat belt or not. So better disable this seat belt alarm.

How To Turn Off Seat Belt Alarm?

Try to disable it with your manual. Almost every manual can give instructions but you have to understand that properly and search for how to turn off seat belt alarm. It is actually, to disable the alarm without cutting any wires.

Pros And Cons

Seat belts and airbags can save the lives of people during serious vehicle injuries. Yet at the same time, these devices can cause physical damage themselves, according to the specialist.

Here are some pros and cons of seat belts,


  • In most cases, the seat belt gets the credit for saving thousands of lives each year.
  • From most automobile accidents related deaths, an estimated sixty percent of people were not wearing their seat belts. With this seat belt, a second collision may be easily preventable.


  • Even though it reduces deaths or controls death, even serious injuries. The seat belt is not perfect.
  • The seat belt may cut or bruises which lie across you, and also more damage to internal organs like tearing of the diaphragm or colon.

How To Turn Off Seat Belt Alarm In Toyota?

Most of the newer vehicles are installed with seat belt alarms. Toyotas are no exception. It can be easily disabled in Toyotas. Follow the procedure to turn off the seat belt alarm.

  • Here is a way that, how to turn off the seat belt alarm. Insert the key to the ignition and turn your car. Do not crank the engine.
  • Press the small knob on your instrument. Press it until the odometer shows “ODO”. Turn off the ignition. Now turn on the ignition and turn back the ignition to the “ON” position and hold the knob, which takes at least 10 to 15 seconds.  After 10 to 15 seconds pass, while holding the knob, latch your seat belt.
  • Finally, release the trip odometer knob in which, your instrument cluster shows “B-off”.

Some Of The Basic Tips

Follow the tips given, before going through any steps. This can prevent major problems.

  • You can use flashlights to see under the seat.
  • Better drive the car after these methods which are how to turn off the seat belt alarm, to check you have turned it off properly. In this method, you have to be careful. Because if you cut the wrong wire it may cause a difference. Even though you may cut the wrong wire, in this case just use butt connectors to re-connect them.
  • These processes and methods may vary from vehicle to vehicle.  So predict everything properly and step on to the process.

How To Get Rid Of Seat Belt Alarm In Toyota Matrix?

It is important to be reminded to be safe by the Toyota system and also these systems can distract you dangerously. So follow the steps below, which help to turn off the seat belt alarm for the driver and passengers.

  1. Turn the ignition to the ‘on’ position from outside the car, not by lean on the driver’s seat.
  2. Press the knob or odo button on the dashboard, until the odometer shows “ODO”.
  3. Turn the ignition to ‘off’ position, now again turn it to ‘on’ position. Again press the odo or trip button within five to six seconds and hold it for at least ten seconds.
  4. Continue to hold the trip button, at the same time fasten the driver’s side seat belt and check what the odometer shows. In the odometer display, it should be shown as “B-off”.
  5. Finally, turn the ignition ‘off’ position. Now unbuckle the driver’s side seat belt. Now sit in the driver and sit in the driver’s seat and again unbuckle it.
  6. Again turn ‘on’ the ignition switch as you depress the brake pedal. If you followed every step, definitely you can turn off the seat belt alarm sound.

How To Install A Seat Belt Alarm Stopper?

You can turn off the seat belt alarm, with two basic products. The products can be found on the market which can stop the alarm.

1. If You Don’t Plan To Use The Seat Belt, Get An Unattached Seat Belt Clip

Make sure, the seat belt clip is found a proper match to your car seat belt exactly. Measure the overall dimensions of your receptor as well as the dimensions of the clip’s exposed metal sections. Remember that driving without using a seat belt is very dangerous and against the law.

2. If You Plan To Use, Purchase An Extender

In this method, the stopper option is called an extender, which is a piece that clips into the receptacle,  and also provides an extra receptacle. So, you can use your seat belt without removing your stopper. You should purchase from the original manufacturer of the car and it must meet the standard in its manual, which includes mass and stature.

It is important to follow the standard for your extender. Because your seat belt system should pass an anchorage pull test, which makes sure that it can withstand crash level forces. You can find these products from your seat belt manufacturer or from online.

3. Install The Seat Belt Alarm Stopper

Make sure that your stopper fits your seat belt receptacle. Then, just click the stopper into your receptacle. You are now free from the alarm sound.

Warnings To Be Aware Of

Beware of warnings, which help to step on to processes:

  • Tinkering with seat belts will void your warranty.
  • Some of the seat belts contain pyrotechnic devices. If these devices get tampered with or removed,  can result in the seat belt releasing during a crash.
  • Tinkering with your seat belt sensor in any way can affect airbag performance. These can put you or your passenger in trouble. Make sure that while altering your seat belt, the airbag is in a safe condition.


Turning off seat belt alarm is a troublemaking process. The seat belt alarm acts as a reminder, to turn off the seat belt alarm it has two ways using your owner’s manual or installing a seat belt alarm stopper. The steps may similar or vary in most cars. Better take your vehicle to the dealership workshop.

We hope that your doubts are cleared by this article. If your doubts persist, you can put your comment below in the comment section.

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