Why Are Your Car Indicators Not Working?

Your car indicators play a major role in telling you the condition of your car, if that doesn’t function well then you may face a lot of difficulties. For example, you think you have turned on the turn signal light but in reality, your light hasn’t turned on this may lead to mishappenings occur. So you just need to figure out what is the fault in your car that is making your car indicators not working.

Figuring out what is making your car indicators to not work is not an easy task due to the complications of electrical wirings nowadays. You also will find that there are a lot of different components that make a turn signal work such as bulbs, wirings, connectors, fuses. So there are many components that can be causing the problem. But if you take out some time to inspect the troublesome component you can find out the problem in the indicators and fix it yourself. Let’s read the article and find out what is causing your car indicators not to work.

Some Common Car Indicators Problems

As you read in the introduction part there are lots of components merged together to make a car indicator. As many components as many problems. Here some of the common issues faced by the public are listed below:

1. One Of The Turn Signal Is Not Lighting Up

It is one of the foremost common trafficator problems in vehicles and also the fix for it’s quite simple. Check the bulb – through the engine bay if front; through the boot if it’s rear. You can also do that by removing the lens. ensure that the 2 filaments of the bulb are connecting and also the glass isn’t dark already. In either case, simply replace the bulb. Also ensure that the socket is in fine condition, just in case there’s corrosion, you’ll have to replace it.

2. The Turn Signals Are Working But Hazard Lights Are Not

Most probably the hazard lights come in the same circuit as the indicator lights, so if this situation happens that the turn signals are working but hazard lights fail to work it may be because of a faulty hazard light flasher. But if your flasher is fine then the fuse might be the culprit.  In these two to three cases what you can do to fix them is you can replace the flasher or the fuse whichever one is damaged.

A bad connection at the turn signal switch or loosened wires within the circuit which connects the blinker switch and the flasher may also be the reason why the turn signals are working but not your hazard lights. An electrical open circuit in external lights wiring is also a valid reason for your hazard lights to stop working. If these are the cases then the solution is easy you just have to set the connections correctly.

3. The Turn Signals Don’t Work At All

If both of your turn signals are not working then it may be a blown fuse or a defunct flasher that is causing the problem. You can easily replace the fuse with a new one or repair the defunct flasher by reading the car manual. One more cause of the turn signals not working is damaged bulbs or sockets. It may be connections in the ground that are causing this problem or the moisture has reached the sockets that are making your sockets corroded. It may also be an open or short circuit that can easily be fixed by yourself.

4. The Indicators Are Not Turning Off

There is not only an issue if the turn signals are not turning on, if your indicators don’t turn off it can drain out all of the battery out of the car. The reason for this to happen is that either the switch is broken or the clockspring is broken. If the switch is broken then you need to replace the switch and for the clockspring issue, you need to find the same clockspring as your specific model and then replace the old, damaged one with the new one.

In the majority of cases, solving this problem isn’t too difficult. Besides, the car owner should consult the repair manual for the particular car make and model. Other than that, if your model has airbags, you will need to disable the system for safety reasons as the symptom above.

How To Fix The Car Indicator Problem?

Now, here are the following steps you must follow to fix the car indicator problem of your car:

  1. First of all, you have to make sure that you do not start the engine if the ignition key is in the “on” situation. The electrical system will be powered up for testing.
  2. Then you have to inspect all the fuse panels and power distribution center to check which fuse is blown away. As soon as you locate the one that is blown replace it with a new fresh one.
  3. But if a turn signal light will stop blinking, that is it works but doesn’t blink then it is a
  4. different issue. The function of that direction signal system is to operate with the blinker unit which interrupts the signal that caused the blinking action.
  5. When a turn signal switch is false, the system will short or go “open” leading the blinker not to operate. Then, you use the test light to test input and output power circuits.
  6. If it’s the module that has a problem then there will be various lights that won’t operate. A lightning module is a device used for controlling purposes. This is a clear sign that this lightning module needs to be updated.


Now you know that what are some common problems that are caused by your car indicators and how do you fix them. Fixing turn signal issues is not that difficult but if you are not comfortable doing this type of work then you should for obvious reasons take your car to a mechanic and ask him to do this for you.

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