How To Get Into Locked Car? [7 Ways]

If you left the car keys inside of your car, don’t worry. You are at the right place, I am here only for your help. It is not only your problem there are a lot of people who left their car keys inside and this article helps you to find the solution for how to get into locked car.

Looking at your car keys from outside the car is really a very frustrating condition, but just follow the steps that I mention in the article – How to get into the locked car and without reading the full topic or article, don’t experiment on your car because that may be damage your car and that was not nice.

Different Ways To Unlock The Door

There are some methods to open the door of your car without keys, this might be helpful when your keys are snitched or locked inside.

  1. Door Check
  2. Check the Trunk
  3. Unlock from remote
  4. Small Diameter Rope
  5. Coat Hanger
  6. Wedge
  7. Locksmith

How To Get Into Locked Car Without Keys?

Before answering how to get into locked car, be careful while picking your easiest method make sure you have to go through it properly. Maybe it harms body paint. I also provided the video links that help you to easily to various methods. Because every wrong step ruins your car door.

1. Door Check

First, check your all doors before taking any action on the locked car to get in. Because sometimes when you are locking your car, not all doors are locked. So check all the doors maybe one of them is unlocked and reduces your efforts to open a locked door with any method. I know it is a weird idea but it happens also and it does not require any effort to -Get into your locked car.

2. Check The Trunk

Also, check the trunk of your car because in some cars there is door access is given at the trunk generally in the Hatchback not in all because in Hatchback the trunk does not separate from the back seat (cabin) and you can go from the trunk to the doors by crawling you have just pull down the back cabin seat.

3. Unlock from Remote

In some cases, the feature is provided through the company and you just talking to the seller to provide you that feature of call bureaucracy at the time of purchase, that helps you to unlock your car without keys and prevent you from crawling all the way from tunk to cabin and decreases your effort.

4. Small Diameter Rope

Finding a method to – How to get into the locked car. This method is very easy and hectic, you only have to need a small diameter rope. That can be managed easily, for example, we always wearing shoes and it contains lays and that is best to use and you do not have lays than other small diameter rope can be used. It is only used when your car has conventional inside post lock lever work in an up-down motion.

  • First, make the slipping note in the middle of the lays/rope.
  • Then, insert it between the door and the body of your car
  • Make sure one end is parallel to the roof and the other is perpendicular to the roof.
  • And slightly move towards the post lock lever.
  • Tight the post lock lever between the slip note.
  • Pul it upwards in an upward direction.

Now you are good to go inside the car.

5. Coat Hanger

You have to arrange one coat hanger, this is also an easy but tricky one, It is easy to arrange the coat hanger, do not worry you if you did not have a coat hanger just borrow from someone and you are ready to fix it.

  • First, straighten the coat hanger from one side.
  • Make a “V” shape at the straightening part of the coat hanger.
  • And put it between the door body panel from the side of the window glasses.
  • Put it very carefully, so the scratches do not appear.
  • And slightly mesh the V shape to your post lock lever end.
  • Pull it upward.

Now, your locked door is opened and you are good to go.

6. Wedge

This method is also used to operate the lock when your keys are stuck inside your car. You have to arrange a wedge and a screwdriver that must be soft and rigid also. These are also available at the auto parts shops, For example, air wedges and the rubber wedges like a door stopper that is rigid enough and as well as soft in nature. So the wedge-like that is does not make any dent or scratches in your car body panel.

  • First, pick a wedge for example pick a door stopper.
  • Then put it into the car body panel and the door.
  • Hammer it softly so it is stuck in between and a gap is maintained between the door and car body.
  • And try to leverage the door with a screwdriver.

Now your lock is opened and good to go inside but remember if you are picking up this method do it carefully because during the process may be dents and scratches appears on the body of your car.

7. Locksmith

This is a very easy and stress-free method, you just have to find a Locksmith. They know various methods to unlock the locks and your door lock is easily opened by them. Also, your car going to be opened safely by this method and research a little bit before calling the locksmith or you can hire a responsible person from any company.

The above methods are very common and appliances are easy to arrange -to open a locked door and go through the method very carefully.

How To Open The Locked Door of a BMW?

A car like BMW or any other luxury brand is fully loaded with electronics and if you do the force action then it will be locked by the electrically. So, only the wedge method is somewhere possible but it harms your car body. So required to hire any responsible person from the company.

Habits to Avoid These Problems

You have to just buy the magnetic keyrings that help you never forget your keys inside the car and just spend some money to get remote options in your car to be on a safer side from these types of problems.


These are the most convenient method and I hope now you are cleared about how to get into locked car. If you go through the whole article then you should be able to fix this issue easily. Always get relevant assistance for the problems, and always recommended to go to the service center to get a secure and reliable solution.

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