How To Fix Milky Oil in Engine?

A lot of people use cars in their daily life but they avoiding to check the car engine oil condition whether is it useful or not.  That causes defects and decreases the performance of your car and also that leads to a decrease in the life of your engine as well and there is your answer for how to fix milky oil in engine but make sure go through all the step carefully.

Sometimes, there is a white fourth in engine oil that is called Milky Engine oil, when you are going to open your Engine oil cap and there is some white fouth or residue at the cap of the Engine oil chamber and affects your car performance or maybe it shows the side effects in the short term and problem encounter when you on the long ride, you stuck there. So, if you want your Engine to last very long, just check your Engine Oil regularly and make sure that it is in a good condition.

Importance Of Oil In The Engine?

So before answering how to fix milky oil in engine. Let me introduce some important terms. Our Engine rotates at a huge RPM and at that RPM gear metals are rubbing and clashing each other and their Engine Oil comes into action to provide a better motion and durability to the Engine parts.

1. Lubrication

This is the main role of the Engine to lubricate every Engine part (mechanical part). So that wear and tear of the movable part are decreases and increases the Engine life.

2. Cooling

Also cooling is important for mechanical parts for being in continuous motion for a long time and temperature is increasing with respect to the time and may affect the part material. So, it resists the increasing temperature.

3. Cleaning

This is also one of the works done by the Engine oil, During working there is a fine particle deposited at parts that cause your Engine performance, and in some cases, it jammed the parts. So, it collects all the dirt on the parts. So, the part moves without any restriction.

And one of the workings is missed out for some reason then cause your Engine very bad and maybe you on a tour that can be ruined from this. So, always check your Engine oil or replace timely for your comfort.

What Causes For Milky Oil Engine?

There are some minor things that can ruin our engine oil and it is very easy to avoid.

1. Moisture

All around us, there is a lot of moisture in the surroundings and because of humid no matter how much you are trying to clean or save the car from dirt and moisture, it affects your Engine.

That enters the chamber through condensation but due to high temperature, it evaporates towards caps and doesn’t come out and appeared as a white fourth.

2. Reckless Service

Regular washing is not that much affect you but high-pressure washing is harmful to your vehicle because high-pressure washing also washes your entry caps and Engine that can be cause leaks and rusting to the Engine of your vehicle.

3. Damage Head Gasket

This is a problem that requires more attention and quick repair.

Head Gasket is a type of seal provided between the Engine cylinder and the Engine head. And restrict the leakages of Engine coolant and Engine Oil.

How to Fix Milky Oil In Engine?

Worrying about how to fix milky oil in engine? Maybe there is moisture, high-pressure washing, and a broken Head gasket? check it out. First set the time to check the Engine oil so the problems are identified within the time period before any heavy damage. If you find any kind of white fourth on the Engine oil cap known as the Milky oil. Then for fixing you have to follow the step-

Step 1- first of all make the drive to the open road like a highway for a minimum of about 30 minutes if the white fourth is coming in the Engine oil chamber.  Because if it is moisture then non-humid places are work as a healer for your vehicle, So that vehicle can breathe easily.

Step 2- if still your issue did not resolve then you have to change your Engine oil ASAP.

Step 3- after that the problem again encountered again and again that there is leakage in your Engine oil chamber there may be coolant of your vehicle leaks into it and that produces White fourth at the cap of the Engine oil chamber.

Also smells sweet when Engine oil mix with the Engine coolant, which denotes coolant present in the Engine oil chamber.

In that case, you have to visit a service technician as soon as possible because this is a serious issue and maybe that affects your Engine Cylinder or Engine Head and replacement of any, that cost you more than service properly and change the gasket timely. After this you

Leakage in Engine Oil Chamber

This is also a major and complex problem and if you are going to be to – Fix the Milky oil in Engine. That is possible only when coolant caps or stoppers are damaged due to high-pressure wash. That possible very easily like when you are washing your car with high-pressure so directly Engine Coolant entry or exit caps are damaged and also there is a possibility that the head gasket is blown out because it is basically the sealing between Engine Cylinder and the Engine Oil, that prevents the leakages of coolant in the Engine Oil or vice-versa.

What If Water Mixed In The Engine Oil?

In some cases, water is also coming in the Engine oil and that can harm your engine need to change your Engine oil ASAP. Because too much water in the oil is very harmful, that creates more friction and more heat produces in the Chamber or maybe possibilities premature wear and tear comes in the mechanical parts.

Video Guide

This video guides you through every process of fixing and methods are well explained for the milky oil problem


These are the main cause that generally creates the Milky Oil in the Engine Oil chamber, and I hope after this you definitely get the answer for how to fix milky oil in engine. And if want to control it properly then make sure it’s maintenance and scheduled services because “Regular Maintenance is the only Key”. These situations are very common these days and day by day the consumption is increasing exponentially and there is the possibility of manufacturing defects, so it is mandatory to always be punctual with service logs of vehicles.

This helps you to keep far from casualties because it is too low cost than repairing any part or replacement of that part and that makes you a good consumer and a good Driver. But still, in some cases, casualties happen and in that case, it is necessary to consult a good service technician on whom you believe because satisfaction is also necessary for you.

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